Equipment of the character in armor of the maximum level (306)
The equipment is selected according to your class and personal preferences.
There are also individual elements of armor, weapons, etc. to choose from.
Augmentation of elements of armor / weapons in augments of 286 rating
Tier 5 gear (or so you can call the level of gear from 268 to 306) is the best in the current patch. Characters with such gear are gladly taken to almost any PVE / PVP content, and the passage of this content becomes easy and accessible.

-Check with the operator before placing an order

- character of the 75th level;
- active subscription
- account share;

306 gear + 286 augments US

Clarify the availability
Warning: Sometimes order need's additional time (transfer via servers).

- All items and currency obtained during the leveling process will stay at your character.
- This service is done via the account sharing method (our players log your account and play your character during the boost).
- The entire process is 100% handmade.