Get 10% bonus

Get a 10% order bonus for a confirmed review on Trustpilot 

The point is very simple. Create and pay for the order on our website. If everything suits you, and we try to act only in this vein, leave feedback about us on Trustpilot

Since Trustpilot has a practice of checking reviews, you may receive a notification in the mail that your review needs to be checked. For verification, you will need to reply to the letter and, as a rule, provide confirmation of the paid order, so do NOT delete the letter from us about the order made. Then, after they confirmed, take a screenshot of your review of our site and a screenshot of a letter from Trustpilot, where it says that everything is OK and the review is confirmed. That is all, 10% bonus is yours. As a rule, the letter about the beginning of the check comes in 10-14 days after you have left a review.

And how about us, the buyers who constantly use Trustpilot for various sites, can say, we have already been checked and our reviews are not deleted. In this case, you leave a review, and in a month you just give a screenshot with your review of our website and get an additional 5% bonus to your next order.

This bonus is summed up with your discount on our website. For example, on our website you have a 5% permanent bonus + 10% for a review, so u have a total of 15% bonus to the next order