These bonuses remain with the character forever. In appearance, datacrons resemble small cubes that are scattered throughout the galaxy. They are found on every planet and are usually found in hard-to-reach or inconspicuous places.

-Check with the operator before placing an order.

- character of the 70th level;
- active subscription
- account share;

Note: to farm all datacrons, the account must have characters for both sides (Empire and Republic). It is desirable that there were characters: Jedi Guardian / Sith Juggernaut, otherwise there will be no Datacrons of the fleet.

1 Datacron US

Clarify the availability
Warning: Sometimes order need's additional time (transfer via servers).

- All items and currency obtained during the leveling process will stay at your character.
- This service is done via the account sharing method (our players log your account and play your character during the boost).
- The entire process is 100% handmade.