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Must have Odyssey

A Drake-class carrier ship is designed to both move and store ships and the owner's own and other players' possessions, and can also serve as a trading point in systems. Essentially, the carrier ship is a mobile space station. In addition to its basic station functions, it provides the owner with a cargo bay with a capacity of up to 25,000 tons (not available to other players).

The carrier ship is always present in the game, in all modes, and is available to all players. Regardless of their game mode (solo - single player, open - multiplayer or private group session), they will see the carrier ship in any case.

Commanders can only keep one carrier ship in their ownership. The owner can keep their own ships and modules on their own carrier ship, not including additional services. For other players, the owner can set up Spacecraft and Outfit services.

The ship is equipped with 16 Landing Platforms of all sizes (8 large, 4 medium and 4 small), which provide the same services as normal stations, including services such as: refueling, repairs, re-supply and more, depending on what the owner has equipped their carrier ship with.

The owner can manage docking clearance and can restrict who wants to dock. The carrier ships also have a total payload capacity of 25,000 tonnes, which is used both to store goods and to maintain the infrastructure needed for various additional services. The total fuel capacity is 1,000 tonnes of tritium. Defensive armament consists of 20 automatic defensive turrets.

Several equipment options are available for the carrier ships, suitable for certain purposes with different services, modules and even shipyards available. The owner of the carrier ship can allow or refuse docking to other pilots.[5] You can manage your ship's finances by setting tariffs and adjusting prices for buying and selling goods sold in the carrier market.

Carrier ship. Back view

The Carrier is equipped with large ship-class hyperdrives such as those used by the Farragut and Majestic classes, enabling it to travel long distances through hyperspace between star systems. The carrier ship has a maximum hyperspace travel range of 500 light years. It can travel anywhere in the galaxy except in closed systems, with carrier ships typically orbiting the system's host star. If the system is explored, a specific destination can be chosen, which may be in the orbits of stars, planets or, in some cases, their satellites (moons). It is also possible to move carrier ships within the system, where they make the same transition through hyperspace.