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Must have Odyssey

It is the second medium class ship after the Fer-de-Lance to feature class 4 weapons, and the third ship after the Fer-de-Lance and Beluga Liner to have six utility slots. In addition to the huge weapon slot, the Mamba also has two large attachment points and two small ones. This arsenal places it in a narrow niche above the Fer-de-Lance and just below the Federal Gunship, in terms of possible damage for a medium-sized ship. The Mamba also has an optional pilot's chair, giving the ability to connect to another player via Multi-crew mode.

All of the Mamba's gun mounting points are located on the top plane of the ship. Two small slots are at the front of the cockpit, two larger ones are on either side of the cockpit, and a huge slot is located behind the cockpit. Four utility attachment points are on the underside of the ship, with the other two also on the bottom - next to the rear landing gear.

Both pilots' seats are centrally located in the ship, with the co-pilot's seat positioned behind the first and a level above.

The Mamba, Fer-de-Lance, Anaconda, Imperial Cutter and Federal Corvette are the only ships in the game with class 4 weapon slots.
+ Ability to install class 4 weapons is present.
- No ability to install a fighter hangar.