March 9, a new league starts in Path of Exile - Synthesis


The new league will please the players with new bosses, new opportunities in the crafting system, as well as a meeting with the main villain of the league - Kawas. Around the world Path of Exile you have to find fragments of memory, which are hidden behind the crowds of monsters.

Collecting memories can create bridges that allow you to travel around Kawas's mind. Get farther and farther to get high level rewards. But do not forget that on the way to the treasure you will meet many dangers.


In the memories, you can knock out chopped objects. Some of them will not be of special value, but others will make it much easier to craft the necessary item. If desired, you can use the Synthesizer. It is designed for crafting basic items from the chopped.

In addition to Kawasa players waiting for the six spells of holiness and chaos, as well as several supporting stones. And that is not all. 16 unique items. New flags, fortunetelling cards, equipment and weapons.

Betrayal fans of the league should not be discouraged, because all the content from the previous league will be available in Synthesis.