Two days left before Path of Exile Blight league starts


When a Blight league starts, players from around a world will be hitting huge waves of deadly spreads from earth. In Blight you will have to use towers to stop spread, it's like a lot of indie or mobile games with Tower Defence style. Build, upgrade, learn mechanic and find a better ways to kill all monster forces for great drop after it.

What's new?

Blight map's - League specific map's with huge waves of creeps and nice loot at the end

Enchanting items - Player's can add random Keynode from Passive Skill tree at item. Item's, exactly oil's, are dropped from Blight loot.

Master Mission's - Now you can choose whenever you want to make master mission on map. All master's will be counted at right border of atlas.

Tree new archetypes - Necromancer, Poison Assassin and Mine Saboteur.


Don't miss star of league at 6 September and feel free to contact our operator's about any league orb's or item's in Path of Exile