The American Challenge: Hunt the TS-5


A natural-born damage dealer with decent armor, this steel beast is a worthy reward for those who prefer fighting at the frontline to sniping or active flanking.


In World of Tanks, there are many different tank destroyers, but there isn't a single American Tier VIII Premium TD. Considering the United States was one of the first nations in the game, it's time to remedy the situation!

If you already play American TDs, you'll feel right at home with the TS-5 because it combines some of their best qualities.

Whether you're a novice or experienced Commander, the TS-5 is as sweet as apple pie:

High alpha damage (400 points) and a good rate-of-fire mean it's got plenty of punch
Stand strong behind 260 mm (10.23 inches) of front armor
A low profile and good concealment with high DPM mean you can hit hard and they'll never see it coming!