Terms of suppliers

Information for the suppliers of game currency and services in on-line games


To sell game currency or provide some service, just contact us:



Rules for the suppliers:


  1. You get in touch with us by the given contacts, and tell that you want to be a supplier, having informed a game and a server in which you are ready to supply a game currency or services, and your prices.

  2. When the mailing is done, you will receive a message about the number of a currency required. There isn’t an established price for the buying up. We buy from the one who offers a lower price. If you haven’t been responded within 15 minutes, it means that the order has already been bought, that is why try to inform the lowest price at which you will be ready to sell.

  3. A supplier is obliged to fulfill an order after receiving information about it as fast as possible. One must always make screenshots of a game currency sending off and submit them on demand of the shop. After sending off, inform your wallet.

    If there isn’t a screen shot as a proof of a deal, an order is not paid. Screenshots can be made with the help of the programs of instantaneous communication such as Lightshot, clip2net and the others.

  4. Regular suppliers are cooperated with in the first place and they are offered better prices.




IMPORTANT: we don’t accept and don’t sell game values and game money which were gained by stealing/breaking accounts. If you break this rule, you will be complained about at WMID and will be on the black list.


How can a game currency be sold?

Selling instruction

Deal conditions:

  • You must have a wallet of one of the e-money systems (A payment can be done only on Webmoney, QIWI, Yandex wallets).
  • A game currency must be gained in a legal way (without breaking accounts, frauds or cheating).
  • You must show mutual respect during a deal.


Ways of cooperation

One-time selling

A price is discussed with the procurement department, and, as a result, a deal is done or you leave your contacts.

On-the-spot purchase is 20-25% cheaper than average market value of a currency.


Constant selling

You inform your contacts to the procurement department as a regular supplier, tell a price of the currency being sold. In case some currency is needed, the procurement department contacts you by the given before contacts and arranges a deal.

To be a regular supplier one must have ICQ or Skype. The procurement department does the mailing when some currency is needed.


Realization of goods

-You give us a currency or access to the storage with a currency (a legion storage, a corporation storage, a guild or clan bank), we sell as far as possible.

- You discuss a price of a currency before sending off and giving us access to it.

- You inform the way of payment after successful selling.

- If a currency has been completely or partially sold, a payment is done every day by midnight.

The mentioned above way is suitable in case a project is not in demand, a currency is abundant or an owner is away for a long time.


Realization conditions

The site is obliged to sell a currency and pay for it on a supplier’s wallet within 30 days since the access to a supplier’s currency.

A seller (a supplier) can cancel a deal if the site hasn’t sold anything within 15 days.

A buyer (the shop) can cancel a deal if a currency has been blocked (withdrawn) by a game administration, and the characters that are a part of a deal, have been blocked.


Any conditions or details are discussed before a deal. After a deal has been discussed, the points 1,2 and 3 start being active.