Vacancy for cooperation is a service which offers its services in various online game projects such as World of Warcraft, Eve online, Aion, Dragon Nest and other well-known projects.

We are constantly developing and actively looking for people who want both to make money on their favorite activities and enjoy a game and never turn it into annoying every day routine. If you want to make money and you have something to offer us or you have come up with the idea how to develop a new trend or a new project, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Current vacancies

Social net manager

If you are a gamer and love social nets, then this job is for you.

You should daily enter our groups in social nets, put up fresh news, watch the order, make the audience be interested in communication, response to messages.


Publicity agent

If you are an active member of social nets, own a fun-site, or an active streamer, we are ready to discuss the placement of our advert on your area on the best terms.


Client search manager

You have clients but you don’t have executors. It’s not a problem. Contact us bring you clients to us receiving profit for each.