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Guild Wars 2 Gw2 REVIEW - THE BEST Fantasy Game

Guild Wars 2, also known as Gw2, is one of the most popular MMORPGs of today. This game has gathered a huge community of players around it who enjoy its varied content, including epic quests, unique PvP battles, and beautiful graphics. In this article we will take a look at the main benefits of Guild Wars 2 and answer the question of whether it is worth playing.

Guild Wars 2 overview

Guild Wars 2 is an MMORPG developed by ArenaNet and released in 2012. The game takes place in the fictional world of Tyria, where players can choose from different races, classes and professions. This choice determines their play style and their abilities in combat.

Guild Wars 2 offers a variety of gameplay options, such as elaborate stories for each class and an open world with a variety of quests, events and dungeons. Players can also engage in PvP battles where they can fight for territory and glory.

Guild Wars 2 game world is so diverse, that it has something to offer to any gamer, regardless of his experience and preferences. Also it is worth to mention, that the world of Guild War 2 game continues to grow and develop. The game regularly receives updates that add new dungeons, events and opportunities for players.

Is Guild Wars 2 worth playing?

If you like MMORPG games, Guild Wars 2 is a great choice for you. With its variety of classes, races and professions, each player can find something to do in the game. Moreover, the game provides the ability to play with friends in cooperative mode and participate in PvP battles.

Plenty of classes and professions available in Guild Wars 2 let the players choose their style and define their strengths and weaknesses. For example, if you prefer long-range attack, then the archer class is the most suitable choice for you. If you like to fight in close combat and protect your comrades, then the warrior class may be ideal for you.

Guild Wars 2 also gives more freedom to the players in choosing their way in the game. The open world in which the action takes place is full of events and quests, and each player can decide which part of the world and which quests to explore first. The game also features a personal story system that depends on the player's class and race, which adds uniqueness to each game session.

If you like PvP battles, Guild Wars 2 provides a great opportunity to show off your skills in combat. In PvP, players fight in team battles in various arenas, using their knowledge and experience to defeat the enemy. It can be the perfect choice for those looking for a challenge and want to showcase their skills in combat.

Essential Merchandise in Gw2

Guild Wars 2 offers plenty of merchandise to help players improve their abilities and customise their characters. Some of these include:

Equipment - Weapons, armour and accessories that improve a character's characteristics and abilities in battle.

Resources - resources help players craft items and equipment, such as metals, fabrics, wood and many others.

Crafting Materials - the materials needed to craft the various items and equipment.

Secrets of Tyria - currency that can be used to purchase various items, including unique skins, recipes for crafting, accessories, and more.

Keys - Keys are used to open chests, which can contain various items and equipment.

Gems - Gems are in-game currency that can be purchased for real money, and can be used to purchase various items in the game's shop.

Experience and skill boosters - boosters increase the experience and skills gained by the player, allowing the player to level up faster and achieve new levels.

Character slots - players can buy additional character slots in order to create new characters and play as different classes.

The game's audience

Guild Wars 2 has a wide audience of players. The game appeals to both newcomers looking for a new activity and experienced players looking for a deeper and more interesting gaming experience. The game is also suitable for fans of PvP battles and PvE quests. Overall, Guild Wars 2 provides opportunities to play alone as well as in a group with friends.


Guild Wars 2 is a unique and exciting game that offers great freedom and variety in gameplay. The class system, personal history, PvP battles and many other features make the game interesting for different types of players. The core items in the game help players improve their abilities and customize their characters, and the wide player audience makes the game accessible to everyone. If you're looking for a new activity or want to try something new in the world of online gaming, Guild Wars 2 could be a great choice for you.