What does your site do?

The service of rpgcash.net renders services in popular game projects, selling digital goods and game currencies.


How can a product be bought on the site?

To buy some goods it is necessary to fill in an order form and pay. If you need more detailed information, search here.


Is it compulsory to log in on the site?

It is not compulsory to log in. But thanks to the log in you can have an accumulation discount on the site and buy some goods and a game currency at a lower price.


Are there any guarantees?

You can look through the full list of the guarantees here. But, to be brief, we have been in the market for more than 8 years, and our site has been registered since 10.12.08.

We have business accounts in Pay Pal and Skrill, an identified wallet in Yandex system, a certificate in web money system and hundred of positive responses.

Our services are confidential, and nobody will find out that you turned to us.


Can I suffer from any kind of a penalty for using your service?

Making a decision to use our service, you really break the rules of the most on-line projects, such as giving your account to the third party or buying/selling a game currency. We take all possible precautions so that you won’t suffer, but you are the only person who is responsible for your purchase. So when you make your order, you must accept a risk agreement.


I can’t find some goods on your site.

Apply the search system, or turn to the operator through the on-line chat.


What do I need to do if nobody replies in the on-line chat?

In this case contact us by the given contacts.





Why has the currency got cheaper/more expensive?

A price directly depends on supply and demand. If there is a demand for the currency which is greater than suppliers can provide, in this case a price goes up. And on the contrary, if there is a lot of currency and there are great reserves of it, a price goes down.


How can I get game money?

Any way available in a game.

More detailed information about the delivery can be found out here.


What is a period of time within which I am supposed to get my order after the payment?

95% of orders are fulfilled within 5-30 minutes after the payment in case a buyer is on-line after the payment is done. The maximum time is 24 hours after an order is done. If the gold hasn’t been delivered to you within an hour, don’t panic, we just need a little more time.


Does the delivery speed depend on the ordered sum?

It almost doesn’t depend on it. In case you make a very big order and there is a lack of gold at the server at the moment, you will get your order in part.