It’s not a secret for anyone that buying a currency or a service in virtually any game is not a problem, the danger is different, what to do so that admins are not fined for breaking the rules.


There are several simple rules, observing which, you can maximize the security of the purchase, for its part.

Do not write in the game to your relatives, friends, guilds, clans that you bought game currency (isk, gold, silver, coins, platinum, adena). Want to share information, do it out of the game.

Do not write to the person who gives you the currency. Admins have access to any entries on your character, including private messages.

If you have chosen an exchange (trade) delivery method, always exchange some unnecessary items in exchange.

If the game has options to deliver to the account of the corporation or to the guild and you have such an opportunity, choose them - these methods are much safer.

If it is possible to deliver through an in-game auction (contracts), choose this method.

Try not to take too much currency for short periods of time or break up the currency delivery in parts.

After performing boost and services on your account, be sure to change passwords to secure your account.

Change passwords at least once a month.

Use only proven gaming services.

Do not respond to “spammers” in the game who advertise their services, such “shops” are often controlled by admins