A disclaimer is a written refusal to be responsible for the possible delicate consequences of some actions of the person who made the refusal or the third party.



While using the service of rpgcash.net you must understand and realize the following:

  1. Real money trading is forbidden by most games. If you buy a game currency with us, you violate the users’ agreement of a game and in this case you may suffer from a penalty which may vary from a withdrawal of a game currency to a temporary or permanent blocking of your account.

You can always buy a game currency with a game administration officially, buying things at the game shop and selling them for the currency to other players. We offer to buy a currency cheaper than a game administration offers officially.

It is important: it is up to you whether to pay the administration more but without extra efforts, or buy with us saving money but facing the risk of the negative consequences to your account.   

In case of a withdrawal/blocking we don’t set off your loss and don’t refund. If you don’t agree with the conditions, don’t buy.

  1. Communication of the account data to the third party is forbidden by most games. If you transfer the account data for leveling of a profession (rendering scarce game services) or some other actions, you break the users’ agreement and may be punished for this.

We do our best to keep the deal in secret without turning to the third party supply (bots).



Buying a game currency or giving us your account data, you are completely responsible for the possible negative consequences. The administration of rpgcash.ru site is not responsible for the possible penalties applied by a game administration (withdrawal of a game currency, blocking your account and others).