HOW TO PAY – assistant in the world of online games , time-tested . Our team provides the ability to find the services ordered boosting your character, buy game currency , to find useful articles and buy gaming keys and time cards for your favorite games.


First came to our site, you will need to choose a game that interests you - it can be done using the left side menu with a list of games or through a tab on the main page .

Clicking on the image of the game menu or by selecting the name of the game in the list, the page with the products in this game. Each game can be from 1st products and up to 10 names of positions.

Here you will find the game currency, and boosting and getting achievements. If the start of the game you need a special key or extend the time to continue traveling in the virtual world - we have the keys and time codes. Also we are sales and playsets (called packs) with good offers on discount. The site has useful information - guides, articles and news.

Then select the items which you are interested , complete your order and pay for a convenient way to pay.

 You need to specify the server , the desired delivery method , the amount of currency or money. Specify character nickname, e-mail and mobile phone number .


Important: for e-mail fixed discount on the purchase , details about the discounts can be found here .


Important: The phone must be specified in the international format via the "+" , for example , 380931111111 or 79091111111 . The handset will be notified about the readiness of the order. Telephone is optional.


To order the service or delivery , simply fill in the order form and pay .


After ordering , please contact the operator via an online chat, to clarify the delivery time of the order.

Orders to most of the games issued within 5-30 minutes after the payment from 16 hours a day.


To speed up the delivery of contact and ask about the status of an order from the operator .

Note: in some cases the delivery - may be delays .