For RPGcash providers/suppliers

The service constantly buys currency in popular game projects.

For communication use contacts:

Server Discord Suppliers -

We are always looking for:

Permanent trusted suppliers and sellers of game currencies in various games
Outstanding and skillful players who play at a professional level in various games
Successful guildmasters, clan leaders, heads of statics and consts

From our side you will receive:
Payouts to Webmoney, Advcash, Payoneer, bank account (payments to Webmoney are preferred)


For RPGcash boosters/suppliers


Before filling out the questionnaire and leaving your passport details, honestly assess your level of skill in the project for which you are going to submit an application. You must clearly understand that you are really stronger, more skillful, you play better, etc., etc. (you can come up with many synonyms) than 65-70% of the players.

If so, welcome, leave a request and after checking your information, you will be contacted.

Here you can fill out a form for the contractor (working with orders that involve the transfer/share of an account).

Consideration of the questionnaire will take up to 7 days, if we are interested in your candidacy, we will inform you about it by sending a letter to the e-mail specified in the questionnaire.