We actively and persistently develop our projects in the gaming industry.

The RPGcash project is constantly on the move, and we simply cannot stand still, we close more than 3,000 orders every month.

We know for sure that the number of orders can be increased, and that is why we need you.

We don't have enough heroes!

And these heroes can be you! Becoming our suppliers, boosters or specialists.

We don't need 1000 perfect personal perks from you.

The most important thing is the desire to earn and the thirst for victory.

We are looking for Suppliers of game currency, Crafters, Boosters and Specialists for remote work

Important: we work only on official servers, we do not work on pirated servers.

1). Supplier (crafter)


- knowledge of the rules of secure trading

- confident use of the game

- sales experience

- attentiveness



- transfer of currency

- save screenshots

- full support of the transaction - from the transfer to the receipt of currency by the client



- pure currency : no theft, hacks, dups and karzh

Link to the Application page. suppliers.

2). Performer (booster)


1) 18+

2) Passport data + verification

3) Literate written speech

4) Good knowledge of the game

5) Stability and discipline in the execution of orders

The driver performs services on his account (boost without account share, training, help in the game) or on the customer's account (boost with account share).

Payment by the piece % of the cost of the order on the site - from 65% to 85% of the cost of the order on the site.

The answer to the question “what to do” is the following - first of all it depends on the game - after all, each online game provides different types: somewhere you need to do lvl ups, somewhere to farm currency, somewhere to go to raids, somewhere raise ranks and get achievements, get somewhere

The driver helps the player achieve what the player cannot for some reason - lack of skill, lack of time, need to leave for some business.

The driver selects the orders he is willing to take.

In some cases, the driver is checked by test tasks.


- pumping levels, reputation

- farm currency on the client's account

- getting achievements and items in the game

- payment for the execution of the order


- timely execution of orders

- high-quality execution of orders


Minimum 65% of order value

Up to a maximum of 85% of the value of orders

 Link to the page Apply for a performer (booster)

3) Specialist:

- direction development

- communication and consultations

- percentage of project profit

Specialist - a person who is engaged in the development of the direction of the game


1) 18+

2) Passport data + verification

3) Literate written speech

4) Stable communication with the team, the ability, if necessary, to devote to work a few hours a day at least

5) Desire to develop



Search and increase orders by attracting additional opportunities

- cooperation with streamers

- Posting threads on forums

- search for trading platforms

- and other options to increase sales

Content on the site:

- keep up-to-date information in "your section of the site"

Be sure to notify about updates inside the game. Patch expected? - it is mandatory to notify before the start of the patch for preparation.

Actual services in the current version of the game (patch, update, version, addon), which are in demand in the game or are necessary for the development of the project.

Service examples:

- pumping levels (includes pumping experience from a certain point to a certain one)

- pumping reputation (from a certain reputation to a certain one)

- passing tasks (completing the necessary tasks)

- currency farm (receipt by the buyer of game currency to his account in games where the transfer of currency is prohibited)

- obtaining specific achievements (obtaining titles or specific graphic differences on the buyer's account).

Information should be given in full - screenshots, description, links to sites with useful information, links to pages of our site.


Each specialist has his own monitoring file in Google Docs. Monitoring includes viewing the main competitors at least once a week.

If goods or services are attached to the exchange rate, it is mandatory to check the prices for these goods 1-2 times a week. Monitoring is carried out in the interval Tuesday-Thursday.

Useful information:

You need a list of sites that will make it easier to work with clients.

These may be sites:

a) online monitoring of goods

b) online monitoring of client characters by nickname (armory, dotabuff, - for example)

c) game calculators

d) achievement fan sites (wowhead and so on)

Information inside the game:

- adding new servers / deleting / merging

- a promotion has been launched (even if the service cannot provide anything for the promotion, be sure to notify)

- started bans

Work with personnel:

- cooperation with current shift operators

- control of contractors for order fulfillment

- provision of information (with screenshots / description / etc.) for new products to be added to the marketplace and review of products on the site / sites

Payment: percentage of service earnings

The specialist receives 30% of the net profit for ALL orders in his direction.

How it looks in numbers:

Specialist salary:

The site in a particular project earned $1000 per month, the salary of a specialist will be

$1000 - 70% = $300

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ---

If your game is not available, but you believe that the game is worth it, we can take care of your project, and you can lead the direction (become a specialist, performer or supplier). Write.

Link to Specialist Questionnaire