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500 Plex Eve

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Using the Plex Eve online you extend the term of the account for 30 days, at which point your account with no limit - and you can start a normal game. Of course you can buy complexes in Eve online yourself - spending a large amount of the collection of minerals, the passage of missions or killing pirates, but not everyone can afford to spend large amounts of time to play and learn the intricacies of the economy or the combat system of Eve Online. You can always purchase complexes (game items extension of time account) in our dedicated online store for flexible prices, which are much cheaper prices official CCP. We suggest you buy Plex Eve online payment systems in various ways and get in the game in different ways (gift, trade, contract) at your discretion. Seek, and we always will help you extend the game time and buy Plex for Eve. Plex - a very popular product in Market games, and who never lost demand. Players buy officially the administration plex and sell at auction Marketa, where players need to buy for the extension, transfer or exchange complexes. Plex - the universal currency, which they bought not only goods but also other specific services (transfer characters from an account by account, scarce resources, ships and pilots are sold). Players who have always focused on the success of the monitored rate prices Plex Eve to be aware of and to buy complexes at a discounted price and sell the contrary poses too high. Some players have greatly enriched the claims at the races inflation. On our site you can buy cheap safely and quickly Plex online Eve and traveling the world New Edem long term.   Buy Plex Eve online to extend the playing time   In the cosmic game Eve online as a second currency with lawsuits Eve online - plex Eve Online. Plex (from the short. Pilot`s license extension) - a subject that extends the account (game account) for 30 days. With the help of Plev in EVE online you can purchase a variety of items and sell them for ISK.Tak the game Eve online paid or you can subscribe to, or buy time cards Eve online or buy PLEX. Thanks to the fact you can play for free with a paid subscription to the game, as with due consideration and leisurely game nasobirat on Plex is very, very simple, thus saving real money to pay for playing time.   Eve online PLEX cheap safe    Practicality complexes truly limitless - those players who can play at the proper level, the understanding of the economy of the game, are actively battle with pirates and successfully sell will always be able to provide for themselves playing time, and the surplus sold for lawsuits. Players who value their time, often become the playing time due to additional investment of real money. Buy plex - is one of the most important steps in the life of every pilot at the trial (trial) version of the game - some functionality is locked and you can not use the wide possibilities of the game (to create contracts directly transfer money to learn important skills to fly on steep ships ). By purchasing game time, you will be able to dive into the depths of space odyssey - build your ship, surf the cosmos, grab the star system, destroy enemies.