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Implants in EVE Online

Developing and upgrading is one of the hardest things to do in EVE Online and requires a lot of patience. But it is impossible to avoid it, because it is an important part of the game. Therefore created a system of implants, that is, implants, which makes the development of skills at times faster, greatly simplifying the gameplay.

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 Sets of implants to improve the character  

Implant are amplifiers sewn into the pilot's brain. Their main function is to improve performance and enhance skills. This gives significant superiority in combat and industrial success.

The pilot has 10 implants slots at his disposal, into which implants can be added. One half of the slots for basic characteristics, or attributes, and the other half is for certain skills. If you are certain that an implant is useless to you or if you wish to acquire a new, more necessary , the old one can be removed, but after that it will lose its usefulness, it will be destroyed.

You can also find sets  on the market. These are groups , when combined, the effect increases many times over. There are 23 such groups in total. They can serve both military and industrial purposes; here it all depends on the set you choose. By the way, they are divided into three classes, which differ in quality and, accordingly, cost: High-grade (high-grade set), Mid-grade (mid-grade set), Low-grade (low-grade set). But the requirements for all the same cybernetics and science in 5. 

How to use:

- for Special slots are available  «Enhancements», where the window in the characteristics is.
- When installing implants, you have to stop studying the skills. After that, find the implant in the warehouse and click install.
- If you want to change Implants in eve online implants, you will need to remove them – this is done in a simple way, right-click on the implant and click delete.


For what purposes used?

to speed up skill training
to increase production from disassembling
for mining
to increase CPU
implants for research
to increase drone efficiency
to improve scanning efficiency  
to improve navigation
implants for improved tanking


Improving attributes 

Attributes are a number of basic attributes on which the further development of skills depends. Each sphere, be it participation in major battles or simple mining, has one of the five attributes that are hard to do without:

  1. Charisma (or, in Russian, charm): thanks to it a pilot's communicative abilities grow; this is the main condition for a successful trade or for passing missions (i.e., Agentana);
  2. Intelligence:: an essential part of science, engineering, electronics, and mechanics; with it it is no problem to be a regular PvP participant and at the same time a space explorer;
  3. Memory: an important component for those who own corporations or control drones; but for the average player it is usually not that useful and therefore it is not emphasized;
  4. Perception: required for those pilots who specialize in PvP battles; it improves their ship control and weapon skills; unlike other attributes, this one is much easier and faster to train;
  5. Willpower: has a close connection with perception, as it is also important for PvP players; improves control of missiles and weapons, as well as leadership.

Usually a certain amount of points is given, which should be distributed between the attributes. So by improving one you lower the characteristics of the other. But implants serve the purpose of adding these points to the chosen attribute without affecting the other one. The first 5 slots in the "Enhancements" section are allocated specifically for them. They can also be divided into 5 classes, distinguished by the number of points they add and their price:

  • Limited (adds 1 point)
  • Beta (adds 2 points)
  • Basic (adds 3 points)
  • Standart (adds 4 points)
  • Improved (adds 5 points).

In most cases, ordinary players who are not burdened with a lot of wealth use implants from the Basic class. This is due to their reasonable price and quality assurance.


Improving Skills in Eve Online


The first and most important condition that must be met before inserting implants is mastering Cybernetics and Science. Without the necessary level of these skills, it is impossible to install implants.

Connectors 6 through 10 are allocated for implants. To begin, you must pause the development of all the skills occurring at the time of insertion. Then, by clicking on the icon of the implant, select "Install". After the surgery, you can resume skill development.

Implants are usually divided into the following categories, depending on which skill groups they affect:

  • Engineering - increases ship's capacitor and module characteristics by CPU
  • Navigation - makes the ship more maneuverable and increases its speed;
  • Scientific - increases skills in the field of science and research, as well as salvaging;
  • Leadership - raises the characteristics of the links;
  • Armor - increases armor strength;
  • Shields - makes defense more reliable;
  • Missile - raises the characteristics of missiles;
  • Technological - increases production;
  • Series "Omega" - special implants designed for sets.

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You can find more information about implants here.


Full table of implants sets implants


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