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Injectors Extractors
50 x Large skill injector (Choose bonus in description)
Price: $225.21
Injectors Extractors
25 x Large skill injector (Choose bonus in description)
Price: $112.61
Injectors Extractors
10 x Large skill injector (Choose bonus in description)
Price: $45.05
Injectors Extractors
5 x Large skill injector (Choose bonus in description)
Price: $22.53
Injectors Extractors
3 x Large skill injector (Choose bonus in description)
Price: $13.52
Injectors Extractors
Large skill injector Eve
Price: $4.51
Injectors Extractors
Price: $252.61
Injectors Extractors
Price: $126.31
Injectors Extractors
Price: $75.79
Injectors Extractors
Price: $25.27
Injectors Extractors
Price: $12.64
Injectors Extractors
Price: $2.54
Injectors Extractors
Price: $0.95
Injectors Extractors
Daily Alpha Injector Eve
Price: $0.37

EVE Iv Injectors Skill points SP 


Special sets with gifts in the form of additional ISK for the purchase of 3 or more large injectors


Mastering skills is not easy, especially for newcomers to this big world of New Eden. That's why the injector and extractor were introduced into the game system. Now, if you have a lot of extra SP (Skill Points), you can extract it into the extractor and give it to another player, or, if you need SP, you can buy the injector and add them to yourself.

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In the game Eve online a very long time lacked an open trade Skill Points - skill points. It was present only as an idea proposed by the developers, but after several thousand comments containing, heated discussion and support from the players, the trading system, finally, then comes on the game servers in the first February 2017 update.


Инжекторы Injector extractor Eve online


The basic essence of trading Skill Points is quite, simple to understand. When you need to buy  Skill Points you have to go to a luxury shop, in the Market or in Contracts and buy an item called the extractor «SP-Extractor» (currently priced from 280kk but it is known, that the extractor can be sold in the game's trading system for aurum or ISK). Once you have it, you will have a way to replenish your unspent Skill Points. You can pump out any skill from your skills and fill the syringe, but you can't leave less than 5 million SP.

ТNow the claims can be spent to speed up the study of skills in his character if there is no ISK – then you can buy SKILL INJECTOR themselves officially in the service.

There are new items on the site – regional marketplace

Skill Extractor – a syringe to suck out extra SP

Large Skill Injector – A syringe that adds more SP to your character

Small Skill injector - 5 times smaller than the large Skill injector (from 80 million SP)

Daily Alpha injector - Special syringes for alpha accounts (50 million SP) can be used once a day


Advantages of using injectors

The first and probably the most important advantage is time saving. After all, in order to accumulate a decent amount of SP you need to wait many hours and even days (the list represents the time, subject to the accumulation of 1800 SP per hour and without the use of implants):

  • 500 thousand SP - 11 days and 14 hours;
  • 400 thousand SP - 9 days and 7 hours;
  • 300 thousand SP - 6 days and 23 hours;
  • 150 thousand SP - 3 days and 12 hours.

The second advantage — is the ability to manage your skills. With this system, you can get rid of unnecessary SP or direct it to the skill you need. Control is important, both for veterans and newcomers to the game.

The third point is good news for those who have been playing for quite some time. Selling SPs is a good way to make money. The extractor costs about 350 million SP, and you can sell the injector for 780-800 million SP. In the end, you can make about 400-450 million from the sale. By the way, this is an opportunity to create a farm and make yourself a steady income. So don't call injectors an indulgence for beginners. They can benefit any player.

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A little about Skill extractors

In order to understand the essence of using Injectors, we must first tell you what an extractor extractor is. It is an item without which it is impossible to get an Injector. It is a module that allows you to extract skill points, i.e. SP, from the pilot. After a successful operation you get Injector, a place to store SP. At the same time the extractor is destroyed. These features were added to the game in the February 2016 update. You can buy the extractor in the marketplace or in the game service of New Eden for real money.

A total of 500,000 SP can fit into one module. But in order to perform such an operation, the following conditions must be met:

  • In the aggregate of all skills the number of points must be at least 5 500 000; if the character has less than 5 million SP left, the action cannot be performed.
  • If a skill is important for the development of another skill, it cannot be retrieved (all skills are learned one by one and some skills require learning another, i.e. you cannot retrieve the initial ones until you learn the previous ones);
  • Skills that cannot be extracted: Infomorph Psychology, Advanced Infomorph Psychology, Cybernetics, Command Center Upgrade, Interplanetary Consolidation;
  • Extraction with the extractor can only be done at the docks, in the escape pod;;
  • It is necessary that the game has been updated to the latest version;
  • The extraction process cannot be stopped, so be careful.

When everything meets the above conditions, then you can safely go to the context menu of the extractor and click on "Use SP-extractor". Next, a window will appear in which you select the skills. From the selected will be extracted SP.


Skill Injector Eve: What is it and how to use it?


 Attention – a little math! Or what are syringes for?

The injector (or injector) — is a capsule in which unallocated SPs are stored; as stated above, it is derived from the extractor. Using it, the player can "inject" additional skill points into his character and distribute them. This procedure will be most useful for new recruits who have just started playing and are gaining experience. Because the more SP you have, the less you can get out of the injector. The ratio is as follows:

  • For up to 5 million SP, all 500,000 points stored in the capsule can be retrieved;
  • 5 - 50 million - 400 thousand SP;
  • 50 - 80 million - 300 thousand SP;
  • Above 80 million - 150 thousand SP.

Once the injector is filled with skill points, it will be in storage. It can be easily given away or sold on the game market, just like other game items. The pilot can even reintroduce his own SPs and allocate them to the skills he wants. But in this case, do not forget about the above list. Although for most players this will be a great way to make good money. After all, if you're an experienced pilot and you have a lot of unnecessary SP, why not sell it to a beginner?

The injector can also be purchased in a marketplace or game service for real money. But its cost in these stores is 2 - 2.5 times more than on our site.

In order to use the injector it is necessary to enter the context menu of the item and click "Use". The added SPs are placed in the "Unallocated skill points" section in the pilot's personal file. Now you can allocate them by skill as you see fit. But don't forget to pause the training before doing so.

400,000 Skill Points equals 171 hours of playing time, just over 7 days.


Shipping Instructions:


You can get injectors and extractors through the exchange window at Jita 4-4 Caldari (main trade hub) or by contract at the same location.

If the character is less than a month old - check the possibility of delivery.


Instructions for use:

- right-click on the injector
- use
- in your personal pilot file you get unallocated skill points, which you can put into any skill

Important: if your current skill requires fewer points than in the charged injector - they are not burned, but go to the unallocated points as well.



Buying syringes is expensive, but it will greatly accelerate the learning of your character's skills.


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Buy Injector Extractor skill point SP Eve


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