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There are many ways to earn or Buy ISK in New Eden. Below you will find the ten most common ways to make money to start with. Some involve a lot of risk, but bring a lot of profit per hour. It is very important to find your own style, because boredom will keep you out of the game. In that case, remember that piracy in one form or another is always possible in EVE.


Virtually everything in EVE online is created by players using resources gathered or harvested by capsuleers. ISK is the currency of New Eden, and unless you have a group willing to trade with you, you'll need ISK to buy ships, weapons, and supplies. If you're willing to spend real money, you can buy PLEX, which you can legally sell for in-game ISK.




Mining is a classic ISK earning activity for beginners. You'll get mining frigates and basic instruction as part of your new character experience.


A few «secondary» offerings:


Choose a mining barge optimized for: strong defense, minimal control, maximum profit;

Optimize your ship for solo or fleet mining - finding someone to haul increases income;

Consider selling on the open market to your group of players or find a private buyer;

Decide whether to sell in the system, on a regional market, or at a large trading center;

You can load raw ore, compress it for transportation, or process it into minerals.


Market and Shipping


If you are willing to put in the effort, the way to true wealth is through skillful manipulation of markets. It is also the safest path to wealth for those who don't want to watch their ship evaporate from behind trigger-hooks. Competition is still fierce, so be prepared for ruthless competition.


Starting Tips for Station Merchants:


Buy cheap, sell expensive - patience is the key to success - remember to keep track of your profits

Focus on things you can't build - industrialists will flood the market sooner or later

Learn to read market data and reports - identify trends and ride the profit wave


Passive planetary profits


Planetary mode is definitely the least utilized way to earn ISK in the game right now. It takes some time to set up planets initially, but minimal effort to maintain. If you can coordinate the output of multiple points, the profits will increase significantly.


The principles of passive income through a planetary system:


Time invested in skills will definitely increase your profits;

Learn how to properly scan and interpret resource maps;

Optimize unit placement and links to maximize production;

Create bookmarks for your planetary interactions to reduce time in space.




Salvage is the initial reward for characters completing missions. But the real payout in ISK comes from cashing in loyalty points, allowing you to purchase specialized equipment. Be sure to keep an eye on the markets to determine if the value of your loyalty points is falling or rising.


Mission Runner Warm-up:


Finding an advanced missionary agent to save can be a good way to get into the trade;

Research before selecting a mission agent, estimate the value of your loyalty points;  

You will lose reputation with opposing factions, which will make it difficult to move around;

If you enjoy doing missions, you should also consider faction warfare;

Beware of attacking pirates with booty (other players), they may try to provoke a fight.


Dates and Relics


If you've been wanting to channel your inner Indiana Jones, hacking data and relic sites is a great option for you. Once you've mastered the skills, even flying a Tech I frigate in high-second space can yield a decent profit. If you're willing to invest in a better ship and take on more dangerous systems, the profits will increase quickly.


Scan, baby, scan!


Scanning skills are necessary to maximize profits because you need to find sites first;

In low or zero space or wormhole, keep a close eye on your surroundings;

Find your level of risk tolerance; It sucks to lose hours of work to a lucky ganger.


Dive into VH


Breaking into data and relic sites takes it to a whole other level when you add wormhole diving to the mix. The profits are great, but the danger is real. Remember New Eden Rule #1: Don't fly what you can't afford to lose - don't get on an expensive ship until you're sure of your skills.


Bookmark EVERYTHING! Getting lost is no fun:


A handy new feature is expiring bookmarks, which are automatically deleted after 2 days;

Bookmark both sides of each wormhole, as well as when you arrive at the site;

Be vigilant! Hunters like to be the first to get there and wait for ambushes;

Sometimes an inexpensive ship can make you as good as a tricked-out Astero.


Gas Mining


Wormhole gas is an important component of Tech III ships and modules. Thus, it definitely benefits those who are brave enough to collect it. If you want to add spice to your mining operations, this might be your solution.


Ninja mining for fun and profit:


If you can survive as a wormhole miner, you can probably mine anything;

Wormhole groups are some of the most cohesive communities in EVE;

Make sure you have a plan to get your crops to market;

Watch your six, wormhole space is not the place to mine AFK.


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