Ships in Eve online

Ships with fit

Ships with fit


Titans are the largest ships in the game Eve Online, designed to perform powerful tasks, such as destroying entire fleets and taking over space systems

Supercarriers Motherships

Supercarriers Motherships Capital Ships    

Jump Freighters

Jump Freighters are large transport ships in the game Eve Online

Capital Ships Eve Online

Capital Ships are the biggest and most powerful ships in Eve Online


Carriers are the largest ships that are used for transportation, defense, and attack.


Dreadnoughts are capital ships with enormous weapons and armor power.


Marauders a class of ships designed for multitasking operations


Freighters are ships that are designed to carry large amounts of cargo

Black Ops

Black Ops are special ships that are used to perform complex and secret missions.

Battleships Eve Online

Buy Battleships in Eve Online fast & safe


Exhumers are specialized ships that are used for ore mining in EVE Online

Frigates Eve Online

Frigates of different classes

Standart Battlecruisers Eve

Standart Battlecruisers Eve

Capital industrial Ships

Capital industrial Ships

Industrial Command Ships

Industrial Command Ships are large spaceships that were designed specifically for mining and processing resources

Strategic Cruisers

Strategic Cruisers are highly customizable and flexibl

Triglavian Technology Ships

 Triglavian Technology Ships

Best ships in New Edem Eve online

EVE Online is a massive multiplayer online game set in a science fiction universe. It features a vast array of ships, each with its unique characteristics and roles. In this article, we'll explore the classification of  ships and what makes them stand out.

Ship Roles

EVE Online ships are classified according to their roles. These roles define the ships' primary functions, and they vary depending on the ship's size, weapon systems, and other attributes. The primary roles of EVE Online ships are:

Combat: These ships are designed to engage and destroy enemy vessels. They come in different sizes, from frigates to battleships. Combat ships have a wide range of weapon systems, such as missiles, lasers, and projectile guns.

Mining: Mining ships are used to extract resources from asteroids and other sources in space. These ships are equipped with mining lasers and are often accompanied by smaller support vessels.

Industrial: Industrial ships are used to transport goods, manufacture items, and perform other industrial functions. They are typically unarmed and have large cargo holds.

Exploration: Exploration ships are designed for discovering new systems, planets, and anomalies. They are equipped with advanced scanning technology and are often stealthy to avoid detection.


Ships are also classified according to their size and capabilities. There are four classes of EVE Online ships, each with its own unique characteristics:

Frigates: These are the smallest ships in EVE Online, and they are typically used for scouting and harassment. They are fast and agile but have limited firepower and survivability.

Destroyers: Destroyers are slightly larger than frigates and are designed for fleet engagements. They have more firepower and better survivability than frigates but are less maneuverable.

Cruisers: Cruisers are medium-sized ships that can perform a variety of roles, from combat to exploration. They have good survivability and firepower and can be equipped with a wide range of modules to suit different roles.

Battleships: Battleships are the largest and most powerful ships in EVE Online. They have massive firepower and are heavily armored, making them ideal for taking on other battleships or heavily fortified targets.


Ships are also classified according to their faction. There are four main factions in EVE Online, each with its unique ships and technologies:

Amarr Empire: Amarr ships are known for their heavy armor and strong energy weapons. They are often used in combat roles, and their battleships are among the most formidable in the game.

Caldari State: Caldari ships are known for their long-range missile weapons and electronic warfare capabilities. They are often used in fleet engagements and have a strong industrial base.

Gallente Federation: Gallente ships are known for their powerful hybrid weapons and strong armor. They are often used in close-range combat and have a strong focus on industrial and mining operations.

Minmatar Republic: Minmatar ships are known for their speed and versatility. They have a wide range of weapon systems and are often used in hit-and-run tactics.


EVE Online features a wide range of ships, each with its unique roles, classes, and factions. Whether you're exploring new systems, engaging in fleet battles, or mining for resources, there's a ship in EVE Online that's perfect for your needs. Understanding the classification of EVE Online ships is essential for mastering the game and achieving success in this vast and complex universe.

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