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What are Drones in Eve Online

In Eve Online, drones are unmanned flying objects that are used by players as additional weapons and assistants in combat. Drones come in a variety of types and classes, from small combat drones to huge industrial drones. They can perform various tasks, such as attacking enemy ships, gathering resources, repairing, etc. It can be controlled by the player, but there are also autonomous  that act independently.

What are the features of drones

The main feature of drones in Eve Online is the ability to use them as additional weapons. It can be configured for various types of attack, from close range to long-range artillery. They can also perform resource gathering and repair tasks, making them indispensable assistants in long space expeditions.

Another important feature  is the ability to improve them with special modules and equipment. This allows players to configure them for certain tasks and improve their characteristics.

Drones also have some limitations, such as lifespan and control range. However, with special modules and equipment, these limitations can be reduced or completely eliminated.

The most popular drones in Eve Online

In the game Eve Online, drones play an important role in combat and mining, and there are several types of drones that can be used. Some  are for attacking, others for defending and tanking, and some for mining ore and loot.

Among all the  in the game, the most popular are:

Military :  that are designed to attack enemy ships. The most popular military are the Berserker, Garde, and Valkyrie.

Healer :  that are used to heal and repair allied ships. The most popular healer  are Augmented Hammerhead and Warrior.

Tank : that are used to draw enemy fire and tank damage. The most popular tank  are Praetor and Ogre.

Mining : are used to mine ore and loot. The most popular mining  are Mining Drone II and Salvage Drone II.

Reconnaissance : that are used to scout and detect enemy ships. The most popular for reconnaissance are Warrior and Hornet.

The choice depends on the situation you are in and your strategy in combat. It is important to choose the drones that will be most effective in your particular situation and best fit your tactics.

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