Working schedule for the New Year holidays:

December 31, 2023 - until 16:00 Kyiv time;

01.01.2024 - from 16:00 Kyiv time

Your journey in the upcoming add-on will take you to the world of the Karui afterlife, where you will face off against ten tribes in a series of exciting tournaments. Your efforts will be rewarded with valuable gifts.

Next week, a new league called "Cutthroat" for the MMOARPG Path of Exile will be released on PC, marking the arrival of spring. A special feature of this league is the ability to saturate weapons with their own passive skill trees and initiate complex fights with the new Grinding Forges.

The game is expected to be updated: 8 new runewords that will raise your resistance bonuses, increase your movement speed, and have an opportunity in new druid and assassin builds.

Working schedule for the New Year holidays:

December 31, 2022 - until 16:00 Kyiv time;

01.01.2023 - from 16:00 Kyiv time

The Forbidden Sanctum 3.20 09/12/2022 starts a new league in Path of Exile.

In Update 2.5, players will be able to farm fortified Terror Areas, which will contain more powerful high-level enemies. A dynamic event that changes location 1 time per hour.