FOR CURRENCY SUPPLIERS

                                                                          RULES FOR GAME CURRENCY SUPPLIERS

In order to start selling game currency, read the information below.

Important: We do not accept or sell game values ​​and game money obtained by hacking / stealing accounts. If you violate this rule, you will be blacklisted.

1. Work with suppliers occurs only on an ongoing basis. We do not deal with one-time sales of currency / items.

2. The supplier undertakes to complete the order as quickly as possible after receiving the data on the order, be sure to take screenshots / video of sending the game currency and provide them, after the transaction, to the channel. No transaction confirmation screen - no payment for the order. Screenshots can be taken using Lightshot, clip2net and so on. The supplier is prohibited from communicating with the client on the sale of game currency.

3. Payment for the completed order is made the next day after delivery. To receive payment for an order, you must have a wallet of one of the electronic money systems: Payoneer, WebMoney, Advcash, cryptocurrencies. Payment to a bank account is possible.

4. In order to be constantly in the conference, you must fulfill at least 5 orders per month. If you have a force majeure event, as a result of which you are unable to fulfill orders for a certain period, you must warn about this in your channel. If there is no warning, you will be excluded from the conference.

5. If you are looking for information in which projects you need to farm or where is it better or worse to earn money, or are you just going to do such work, do not join us and do not waste either your or our time.

6. Below is a link to the questionnaire that you need to fill out. We recommend filling it out as informative as possible. The more completely you fill it out, the faster we can start cooperation and the more confidence it will be done.

7. After filling out the questionnaire, you need to go to our server for suppliers in the discord (link below). It is there that you will receive a notification about the completion of the consideration of your application and will be transferred to the working servers.

Important. We are not opposed to the fact that suppliers would simultaneously trade on different sites. Moreover, we welcome this approach, as we believe that the more experienced the supplier, the better for the client. Therefore, you can calmly indicate in the questionnaire on which sites you trade, this information will only benefit you.

Before you fill out the application, you MUST add yourself to our vendor server, otherwise you are filling out the application for nothing.  Link to the server below.


Discord server for vendors.

Questionnaire for suppliers. link to the questionnaire. Application processing time is up to 3 business days. 

If you still have questions, you will receive answers in the discord channel on the server for suppliers.