A new cutthroat league for Path of Exile is scheduled for release on 7.04


Next week, a new league called "Cutthroat" for the MMOARPG Path of Exile will be released on PC, marking the arrival of spring. A special feature of this league is the ability to saturate weapons with their own passive skill trees and initiate complex fights with the new Grinding Forges.

As developers Grinding Gear Games tell us, Gornil forges will be scattered all over Raclust. When the player finds one, they will be able to channel the power of the ancient titans into their weapons, triggering a challenging fight. The longer the player channels the power, the more monsters melt down and merge into more formidable foes. The player controls the difficulty and reward of these battles.

Battles with the Forges of Gornil will earn experience points that will unlock the weapon skill tree and advance through its levels. However, the player will only be able to select one skill from each level, so one must choose one's path carefully in each Gornil passive skill tree. In addition, the player can obtain unique items or valuable currency if he is lucky enough to find certain skills.

The new league will also feature new final encounters, which will take place in the Forge of the Titans, a new area of high-level content where players can combine and re-forge two weapons with random results. Through careful use of the forges, players can create incredibly powerful skill trees for their weapons.

Path of Exile: Cutthroat will also get a fast-travel feature called "Gates of Atlas," new skills, new unique items, a passive skill tree, various Rift improvements, and more. The new league releases April 7 on PC and April 12 on consoles.