High-grade Set implants Eve online

High-grade Set Eve
Price: $13.68
High-grade Set Eve
High-grade Ascendancy Eve
Price: $27.35
High-grade Set Eve
Price: $14.39
High-grade Set Eve
High-grade Crystal Eve
Price: $8.16
High-grade Set Eve
Price: $7.15
High-grade Set Eve
Price: $8.38
High-grade Set Eve
Price: $13.63
High-grade Set Eve
Price: $12.59
High-grade Set Eve
Price: $17.62
High-grade Set Eve
Price: $38.33
High-grade Set Eve
Price: $22.5
High-grade Set Eve
Price: $14.39
High-grade Set Eve
Price: $2.48
High-grade Set Eve
Price: $9.79
High-grade Set Eve
Price: $2.48

What are HIGH-GRADE SET implants in Eve Online

HIGH-GRADE SET implants are a special type of implant in Eve Online that improves a character's characteristics. Implants are devices that can be placed in different slots of a character to enhance certain characteristics, such as weapon power, movement speed, reload time, defense bonuses, and other parameters. HIGH-GRADE bundle implants differ from other implants in that they increase several characteristics at once and only work as a complex.

HIGH-GRADE SET implants include 6 implants of different levels, from Alpha to Omega. Each level is a sequence of implants that are placed in different character slots. The higher the level, the more significant the changes in characteristics. The following implants are included:

Alpha: increases maximum battery capacity and improves armor repair efficiency.
Beta: speeds up weapon reload time and decreases weapon switching time.
Gamma: increases power of laser and interplanetary weapons, as well as reduces heating time of interplanetary weapons.
Delta: increases ship's movement speed, speeds up navigation time, decreases time to enter reactive propulsion.
Epsilon: improves cargo bay efficiency and reduces fuel costs for engines.
Omega: increases ship's shield and armor efficiency, decreases shield recovery time, increases accuracy of weapons.

What are the features of HIGH-GRADE SET implants

HIGH-GRADE bundle implants in Eve Online are a special kind of implants that affect the characteristics of ships and pilots. These implants differ from other implants in that they are a unit of several implants that can be installed on one character.

The main feature of these implants is that they greatly increase the characteristics of the ship and pilot, making them much more powerful and effective in combat. Some of these implants can also increase the performance of the ship's systems, such as engines and guns, while increasing speed and maneuverability.

these implants can be very valuable and rare items in Eve Online, making them even more desirable. They can be obtained through completing certain quests, bought at auction, or found in high-risk areas.

In addition, these implants have different levels of difficulty and value, depending on what characteristics they enhance and how effective they are. This means that players can choose a particular set of implants that best suits their play style and strategy.

But keep in mind that these implants can be very expensive, and losing them can be a serious blow to a player. Therefore, you should think carefully about your tactics and risks before setting such implants.

The most popular HIGH-GRADE SETs in Eve online

There are many different implants in Eve Online, each of which provides certain bonuses to different characteristics of the ship controlled by the player.

Among the most popular  are the following:

High-grade Ascendancy  is designed to increase the speed of flight in space and allows you to significantly reduce the travel time between systems.

High-grade Crystal  improves the parameters of the armor and shields of the ship, increasing its survivability in combat.

High-grade Halo These implants increase the reload speed of the ship's weapons, allowing you to deal damage to the enemy more effectively.

High-grade Snake of implants increases the maneuverability and speed of the ship, allowing you to get away from the enemy quickly and maneuver more effectively in battle.

High-grade Talisman of implants improves the parameters of resource extraction in space, allowing you to get more valuable materials in a shorter time.

These are just some of the most popular implants in Eve Online, and each of them can be used by players depending on their game tactics and preferences.

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